SSCC pallet labels

Serial Shipping Container Code Pallet Labels

The SSCC is the GS1 Identification Key for an item established for transport and/or storage which needs to be managed through the supply chain. The SSCC is assigned for the lifetime of the pallet and is a mandatory element on the GS1 Logistic Label using Application Identifier (00)

The code is a number comprised of 18 digits which is sequentially allocated to identify the pallet. It is used throughout the supply chain as an identifier for tracking / tracing and internal control.

It is the creator of the pallet who allocates the SSCC. The recipient may not impose the structure of the SSCC on the supplier, and the SSCC number is the only compulsory data on the logics label as defined in the GS1 standard.

As a new SSCC number is assigned, it’s recorded in the issuer’s database, which contains all the relevant information on the pallet. As soon as that pallet is picked to meet a customer’s order, the supplier notifies its trade partners involved in distribution and logistics and the customer, which SSCC corresponds to the particular pallet shipped, as well as information related to it, enabling it to be tracked throughout the whole supply chain.

SSCC check digits are calculated in the same manner as EAN-13 check digits.

Contents of SSCC Barcode

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