Inventors and Innovators of Print and Apply Labelling

Print and apply labelling solutions

Logopak are market leaders in print and apply solutions. We build robust barcode labelling systems. We are uncompromising on quality. Our print and apply label machines combine ease of operation with low cost of ownership.

  • Manufactured in-house
  • Wide range of print & apply applicators
  • Large capacity label rolls
  • Quick label replenishment
  • Digi-drive Technology
  • Designed for maximum productivity

Quality German Engineering         German Engineering

Our print and apply label machines are made in Germany using precision engineering techniques, giving unbeatable performance and reliability. We design and build our own labelling machinery. We offer a wide range of applicators to suit any operation.

Barcode Experts

Logopak are GS1 Accredited Solution providers. Our barcode experts will guide you through the often-misunderstood processes of barcode validation and barcode verification – our systems can automatically perform both of these essential checks. Our customers experience peace of mind that they never release poor quality barcodes into the supply chain.

Innovators Barcode Verifier

We are the first company to introduce an integrated ISO compliant barcode verifier into our systems. A large number of businesses still rely on scanning alone to check their pallet and case labels for quality.  Find out about  Vericoder, and whether your existing scanner is really checking for 100% barcode legibility to ISO standards.

Outstanding Service Quality Service

We have 10 engineers strategically positioned across the UK, with a combined 70 years of experience between them. We have won awards for our customer service delivery.






Westons Cider have worked with Logopak for many years with Westons Cider receiving a high standard of service. Consequently, it was an easy decision to choose Logopak for a new pallet labelling machine. The purpose of installing the machine was to improve Health and Safety by removing the need for personnel to manually apply a pallet label in an area that was used by fork lift trucks.


Packaging Manager, Westons Cider

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