Logopak is a unique marriage of English entrepreneurship and German engineering. Founded by an Englishman in Germany, Logopak invented the first print and apply labelling system in 1983.

We have continued to be a major innovator in this field, launching new print and apply innovations such as the integrated barcode verifier Vericoder in 2013.

Our German-built fully automated industrial label printers are designed for reliability and continuous operation. Our diverse range of applicators means print and apply labels can be placed with precision on any part of the line product.

Our award-winning aftersales service covers the whole of the UK.

Skilled staff in our manufacturing complex in the countryside north of Hamburg design our own machinery, electronics, and software. We manufacture, assemble and thoroughly test all Logopak print & apply labelling systems ourselves.

We are confident that when installed on production lines, our product is more reliable, more efficient, lasts longer and has much lower downtime than every other competitive product in the market place.


  • 1978 Logopak Systeme founded by English entrepreneur Chris Hastings-Long manufacturing machinery for greetings cards
  • 1980 Manufactured first labelling system
  • 1983 Invented & manufactured the first print & apply labelling system
  • 1986 Supplied first Logopak print and apply system to UK customer
  • 1987 Focused completely on print & apply technology
  • 1989 Logopak International Ltd founded and established in York
  • 1989 Developed L.E.A.P. print & apply control system
  • 1990 Supplied first Logopak 820 series A5 pallet labelling system
  • 1991 Manufactured first two sided 920 pallet labelling system
  • 1995 Introduced SFB print-head technology
  • 1998 Developed Power LEAP II control system based on CAN-BUS technology
  • 1999 Developed three sided 920 pallet labelling system
  • 2000 Developed first rotary applicator labelling system (240ppm)
  • 2001 Developed 920 DK very high speed pallet labelling system (240pph)
  • 2001 Produced print & apply and RFID labellers
  • 2005 Introduced new 500 generation of high speed print & apply labellers
  • 2009 Introduced (Power Leap III) PLIII new control system
  • 2009 Introduced compact 400 range with innovative body splitting function
  • 2010 Introduced ultra-compact 815 PF pallet labelling systems
  • 2010 Introduced removal of waste liner (Backing paper) from customer sites
  • 2011 Introduced solvent-free thermal transfer ribbon supplies
  • 2012 Introduced state of the art TFPT for super-enhanced printhead life
  • 2012 Logopak wins UK packaging industry award (PPMA) for Outstanding Customer Service
  • 2013 VLP 230 launched with ability to produce A3 labels
  • 2013 Logopak launch Vericoder – the first ever print and apply integrated verifier
  • 2014 Launches Ecommerce automated shipping label solutions
  • 2016 Launches the Logopak 300, a compact, fast, entry-level print and apply machine
  • 2016 Achieves FSC® & PEFC TM certification for consumables
  • 2016 Launches the 850 1-stop pallet labeller
  • 2017 Digi-drive technology introduced
  • 2020 New Body 1 and Body 2 Case Labellers and updated 850 range introduced


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