GS1 barcoding standards


GS1 standards use a unique set of identification numbers for products, companies, locations, services, assets, logistics units or customers at any point in the supply chain.

The GS1 standard is a universal language used by trading partners so that they can always understand one another. The GS1 standards work for all industries, from food services and retail to healthcare and music, and can increase business efficiency by:

  • reducing costs
  • saving time
  • preventing errors

This set of global standards, the GS1 System, is founded on a common set of global identification numbers: GS1 Identification Keys, which include bar codes.

GS1 Bar Codes

Global data and application standards for Bar codes that use the global GS1 Identification Keys to rapidly and accurately identify item, asset or location.


GS1 accreditation demonstrates our ability to participate and commit to GS1 objectives, and proves our reputation and influence as experts in the market. It is the stamp of approval our customers look for, and means we can help to implement bar coding and supply chain solutions to GS1 standards.

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