Logopak Software Solutions:

  • Synchro
  • Ecommerce carrier label integration
  • SAP integration
  • SSCC audit and reporting software

For more than 20 years Logopak has been leading the way in the development of PC-based industrial software solutions.


Synchro is a proven industrial software solution by Logopak for use on all Logopak print & apply labelling systems. Powerful and completely flexible, Synchro is scalable to suit multiple Logopak labelling systems, either in batch or real-time mode. Capable of connecting to ERP/WMS system and providing a locally stored product information database, meaning that real-time data flow is not dependent on a constant network connection to the users host.

Alternatively Synchro can administer & maintain a manually entered local database operating in ‘stand alone’ mode with no requirement for a real-time host connection for working data.

In either configuration, data recall can be achieved via the following methods:

  • Manual (handheld) or fixed line barcode reader
  • Manual recall via labeller touch-screen, or PC screen
  • ID strings from a ‘lookup’ pallet scanner

Ecommerce Software Solutions

Having lead the way in Ecommerce carrier labelling solutions for over 20 years, Logopak know how vital a fast, reliable, and adaptable software package is for the success of an automated Ecommerce labelling system.  With our Ecommerce autobaggers capable of running at speeds of up to 25 bagged and labelled orders per minute, the processing and sending of carrier label data to the labeller often needs to be completed in less than 500ms.

Real time API solutions do not have the required response time for this high rate of order processing, so a suitable middleware package, such as Logopak’s Synchro, is required to store, process, scan, and lookup carrier label data.

Logopak’s unique image based software solution allows carrier labels from any carrier to be processed without error, overcoming the label printing problems that are often associated with a purely ZPL based, multi carrier solution.

To comply with the latest GDPR regulations, Logopak’s software and hardware solutions always run on a strict ‘one in-one out’ basis, eliminating any physical product/data queues, which would otherwise cause incorrect labelling if a queue were to go out of sequence, potentially causing product loss and GDPR non compliance.

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