850 Pallet Labeller

SSCC Pallet Labeller

The Logopak 850 pallet labelling system is a compact, medium speed labeller capable of 100 pallets per hour based on two applications-per-pallet, either front & side, or side & rear faces to conform to GS1 specifications. Two applications can be achieved with a single conveyor stop.

850 Pallet Labeller Variants:

  • 850PF 2 label/2 stop / A5 pallet labeller for limited floor space
  • 850P2 2 label/1 stop / A5 pallet labeller for limited conveyor space
  • 850P3 3 label/2 stop / A5 pallet labeller for limited floor space

The 850 is designed around the proven, and ultra-reliable 515 case labeller, and as such shares the majority of its electronic and mechanical components, including print-engine – meaning that commonality of spares across the two platforms adds value for the customer.

The 850 is more than adequate for producing high quality GS1 specification SSCC labels at high resolution and is equipped with an integrated validation scanner in the applicator pad. This scans the newly applied label and ensures there is no way an unreadable label can enter the production chain.


  • 800m media rolls. Label and foil are matched, therefore exhausted at the same time to prevent unnecessary line stoppages
  • One stop option
  • Label sizes 148mm x 210mm A5
  • Touchscreen 10″ colour operator interface
  • Thermal transfer & Direct thermal options
  • Integrated scanner for barcode validation
  • Steel enclosure with trap-door, to protect from harsh environments
  • RS232 & Ethernet communication optional
  • On-board label product database via touchscreen or real-time from host
  • Quick release carbon foil cartridge for ease of maintenance
  • 500mm – 700mm outside telescopic extension
  • 850P2 2 label/1 stop or, 850P3 3 label/ 2 stop versions available
  • High quality manufacture.  All Logopak labelling systems are manufactured with an average life span of between 15-20 years leading to low cost of ownership and excellent R.O.I
  • Clearest graphic capability – 155 mm wide print head with 300 dpi /12 dots per mm capacity

Pallet labelling

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