Ecommerce Auto-Bagging Machines

The rapid growth in the ecommerce sector has changed the face of consumer purchasing forever, never more so than in the last 18 months.

This shift in consumer habit has presented not only opportunities, but also major logistical challenges to suppliers as they strive to meet both the needs for rapid, secure and accurate dispatch, as well as the increasing demands of processing returned product whilst still retaining profit margin.

Logopak have worked closely with their partners ADPAK and BVM over the last decade to develop a fully integrated ecommerce auto-bagging and labelling solution to meet the demands of some of the UK’s largest online and high street retailers.  These companies realise that having a successful online sales platform is not enough to succeed, but they also need to invest in cutting edge logistics and order processing technology to compete in this high volume, hugely competitive environment.

The Logopak/ADPAK partnership offer two distinct ecommerce auto-bagging solutions:

The Comtex and Compacta ranges provide varied solutions for both dispatch and returns for online retailers.

Both options are offered with full Logopak hardware and software integration to provide data management, automated insertion of packaging slips and dispatch carrier labelling.

The Comtex allows single and multiple products to be dispatched in an optimum sized, secure, customised bag.  With outputs of 900 – 1500 packs per hour, this solution provides multiple and immediate savings compared to manual bagging operations. It also allows products to be swiftly returned to stock in packaging of original quality standard, ready for re-sale, reducing waste and increasing profit margins.

The Compacta is an option providing similar results to the Comtex at a lower budget. Where the Comtex matches the product to provide an optimum sized bag, the Compacta provides a bag of common width but optimum length.

Auto-Bagging machine options





Auto-Bagging Machines

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