Body 2 Series Mail and Ecommerce Labeller

Print and apply label system.

High speed, high quality Mail Order & Ecommerce labeller

For high speed label application at up to 100 products per minute, the Logopak Body 2 print and apply labeller is the ideal machine for applying labels to mail order packages.

The Body 2 provides the end user with industrially built, high quality, German engineered precision labelling equipment at a competitive price.  All equipment is fully manufactured in house and does not rely on any third party integration of hardware or software.

The Body 2 is now powered by digi-drive technology, where mechanical clutches and belts have been replaced with electronic controls. Fewer wear-and-tear parts means simpler servicing. The handling of labels and ribbons has also been simplified, and shaft encoders allow the operator to plan label roll changes precisely.


  • 800m media rolls. Label and foil are matched, therefore exhausted at the same time to prevent unnecessary line stoppages.
  • Label sizes from 15x15mm to 150x150mm
  • Integrated print-head and engine and Dot-shift and SFB technologies extend the life of the print plate.
  • High quality manufacture.  All Logopak labelling systems are manufactured with an average life span of between 15-20 years leading to low cost of ownership and excellent R.O.I
  • Touchscreen operator interfaces.  Stand alone operation, or networked to provide the end user with complete connectivity to a multi line control solution.
  • Innovative media cassette splitting functionality the number of threading rollers to be dramatically reduced if a foil media is not required.
  • Wide range of applicator types
  • Clearest graphic capability – 150mm wide print head for BBE / Batch coding using GS128 barcodes
  • Optional scanner for barcode validation

Body 2 High Speed Front Apply

For products requiring the label to be applied to the front of a moving product, the label can be applied using an F or F90 type applicator which is mounted above the conveyor.

The advantage of the front applicator is the product does not need to be turned and aligned as a side apply machine. However, consistent pack spacing and pitch is essential and throughput speeds are limited to 60 packs per minute. Products need to be moving.

Ultra lightweight carbon fibre materials in combination with high speed rotary cylinders are used to achieve fast low energy mechanical movements to ensure long service life. This allows the 515 F to reliably apply labels of 60mm height up to 60 products per minute.

Body 2 High Speed Side Apply

The majority of outer case or pack labels are applied to the long side face as the product exits a carton erector or shrinkwrap system.  When applying to the side of the pack the gap between packs can be decreased when compared to the front apply solution.   Products can be static or moving up to 60m/min for label application.

For products requiring the label to be applied to the side face, the 515 can fitted with 3 different types of applicator:

  • T – telescope application suitable for applying label to stationary cardboard box where label application is critical –  Label application speeds up to 30 labels per minute.
  • TB – telescope / blow application for applying label to moving cardboard box or shrinkwrapped case up to 60 labels per minute. With the TB applicator, the label can be lightly pressed onto the product for positive application.
  • B90 – blow on application of label onto shrinkwrapper packs at up to 100 labels per minute

Body 2 High Speed Top Apply

The majority of mail order operations request that the label is applied to the top of the carton.  In many cases the height of the carton can vary between products.  To accommodate this the T applicator has a long travel length and is mounted above the conveyor. The products can be static or moving.

Front Apply

Side Apply

Top Apply

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