300 Series Case Labeller

Out of the box case labeller

The new Logopak 300 series is a cost effective solution for simple, high-speed applications.

Clean design, user-friendly operator interface and outstanding print quality.

Developed in response to customer feedback, the 300 responds to the requirement for a basic labeller to suit conditions where there is a straightforward application.

The Logopak 300 is still a fast operator with up to 80 packs a minute, but we’ve stripped it back to a pure, uncomplicated labeller, with just the 3 most common applicators – top, front and side. It also features a new clean design, a small footprint, and improved user-friendly operator interface.

The 300 series provides the high quality, German engineered precision labelling equipment Logopak are renowned for, at our most competitive price.

More details about the 300 can be found here. 


  • 600m standard running length
  • For Labels up to A5
  • New printhead with long-life HD printplates
  • Up to 80 packs/minute
  • Quick and easy consumable replenishment in under a minute.
  • Large diameter long footprint drive shafts
  • High quality manufacture.  All Logopak labelling systems are manufactured with an average life span of between 15-20 years leading to low cost of ownership and excellent R.O.I
  • Touchscreen operator interfaces.  Stand alone operation, or networked to provide the end user with complete connectivity to a multi line control solution.
  • Top, Front and Side applicators
  • Print resolution: 300dpi
  • Optional scanner for barcode validation

300 Front Apply

For products requiring the label to be applied to the front of a moving product, the label can be applied using an F type applicator which is mounted above the conveyor, or an F90 mounted alongside the conveyor.

The advantage of the front applicator is the product does not need to be turned and aligned as a side apply machine. Products need to be moving.

Ultra lightweight carbon fibre materials in combination with high speed rotary cylinders are used to achieve fast low energy mechanical movements to ensure long service life.

300 Side or Top Apply

The majority of outer case or pack labels are applied to the long side face as the product exits a carton erector or shrinkwrap system.  When applying to the side of the pack the gap between packs can be decreased when compared to the front apply solution.   Products can be static or moving up to 40m/min for label application.

For products requiring the label to be applied to the side face, the 300 series can fitted with 2 different types of applicator:

T – telescope application suitable for applying label to stationary cardboard box where label application is critical and box size is variable – i.e. mail order.

TB – telescope / blow application for applying label to moving cardboard box or shrinkwrapped case up to 80 labels per minute. With the TB applicator, the label can be lightly pressed onto the product for positive application.

Front apply

Top apply

Side apply

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