Our hardest-working machine?

1 July 2018 Posted in Machines, Uncategorized

Here at Logopak HQ, we’ve been pondering which is our hardest-working and longest-running machine in full production? There are quite a few reliable workhorses out there, but we think the answer might be this one:
  • 906 Model
  • Installed in 2002
  • Runs on a 24/5 shift pattern, approx 80/hrs a week

A little arithmetic:

It runs at 60 packs per minute = 3,600 packs per hour

3,600 x 80 hours / week = 288,000 packs labelled per week.

x 52 weeks = 14,976,000 packs / year

So, we estimate that in 15 years of full production this machine has applied somewhere in the region of 224 million labels.

Not bad going!

If you have a harder-working machine we’d like to hear about it.

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