Start-Rite Ecommerce Case Study

14 February 2018 Posted in eCommerce

With 22.2% of all retail sales by value taking place online in January (Source: BRC), online sales look set to keep growing. Savvy retailers are making sure their Ecommerce operations are optimised for efficiency as consumer demands increase. Here’s how we helped Start-Rite streamline their Ecommerce operation.




Automated Packing System
An automated packing and dispatch system to streamline Start-Rites growing Ecommerce business.

The Customer
Since they were founded in 1792, Start-Rite have built a reputation for being the experts in quality children’s shoes. Still based in Norwich, they celebrated an impressive
225 years in business in 2017, and after eight generations Start-Rite remains a family business. They supply over 400 retailers throughout the UK, and have a growing Ecommerce business.

The Project
Start-Rite were manually packing their online orders, which often consisted of numerous pairs of shoes in different sizes so that customers could ensure a perfect fit. They experience high rates of return due to this method of shopping, which adds considerable expense to the Ecommerce operation. While enjoying growth in online sales, they recognised a requirement to streamline their processes and control costs.

1. Reduce cost of packing material
2. Reduce labour involved in packing
3. Improve branding on Ecommerce orders

Another longer term objective is to future-proof the operation for continued growth in the Ecommerce market.

The Solution
The integrated solution needed to handle orders ranging from a single pair of shoes to a large order with numerous pairs. Logopak had successfully partnered with packing experts Adpak and Packrobat on previous Ecommerce projects, and the three companies worked together again on a solution for Start-Rite.
An Adpak BVM bagging machine was installed to pack up to 3 pairs of shoes in a single bag, which would previously have required a carton. The Start-Rite branded film is cut and sealed to produce a neat package to fit the order without any void or wasted material. A Logopak labeller automatically prints and applies a shipping label, using Logopak Synchro software to integrate with Start-Rites systems to access customer information in realtime.
For orders of four pairs or more, another BVM bagger was installed to create larger, individually sized pack.

System Delivered
-Logopak 515 Print & Apply Labeller with Scanning and Synchro
-Adpak BVM Bagger

The automated packing and dispatch system is capable of processing 10-15 orders per minute.
-Automated and fully integrated solution
-On time and on budget
-Reduced labour and material costs
-Increased efficiency
-Improved customer service
-Improved returns process

Customer Feedback:
“A ‘can do’ attitude, great product and an amazing team ensured that the project was delivered on time, cost and specification. Now fully operational we have reduced our average small order processing time from an average of 3 minutes to 15 secs! ”
Gavin Price, Operations Director, Start-Rite Shoes

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