SAP operations benefit from seamless print & apply integration

10 September 2016 Posted in Press Releases

A partnership between Logopak International and The Config Team means that manufacturers using SAP systems can now benefit from automated labelling solutions using a single seamless integration platform.

Many of the worlds biggest brands rely on SAP to run their warehouses and supply chain operations. Customer demands are driving a need for increased automation, and real-time connected processes require seamless access to SAP data.

Print and apply labelling is one such automated process. Automated case and pallet labelling applies global standard GS1 and SSCC compliant barcode labels to facilitate the handling and tracking of an item throughout the supply chain. The label barcode identifies the product and can also contain BBE, batch and quantity information. Labels are printed and applied in real-time using data from SAP.

For stand alone solutions with no connection between the SAP system and the labeller, it requires an operator to manually enter coding information and select print jobs. This opens the door to potential operator error, which in turn can lead to expensive labelling mistakes, and in the worst case, product recalls.

Leading print and apply experts Logopak International have resolved this issue by working in partnership with The Config Team. The Config Team are experts in SAP manufacturing systems and integration. They design and implement SAP supply chain solutions, including CodingControl for coding and marking devices. CodingControl provides a single, central way to manage label templates. They are simple to configure and require no programming.

They have also developed Automation Integration Platform, which provides a seamless integration platform to sit between the SAP manufacturing WMS and the labeller installed at line level. An example of this is SSCC pallet labelling where pallets of finished product are wrapped and two adjacent A5 label are applied in real-time to the pallet.

Depending on throughput speeds and complexity, Logopak offers a range of case and pallet labellers, with a versatile choice of applicators allowing labels to be applied to all faces of the product. As retailers, manufacturers and distributors demand barcode label legibility at every point in the supply chain, Logopak also offer an integrated barcode verifier.

Logopak and The Config Team deliver fully automated print and apply labelling using real-time information. This solution removes risk, improves error detection, and offers complete control from a single point on the line.

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