Logopak develop Bespoke Labelling system

10 July 2015 Posted in Machines, Press Releases

A bespoke solution has been installed to barcode read, P&A label, Validate and Verify retailer GS1 / ISO standards.

Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Barcoding.

Logopak have been working with a leading international manufacturer of convenience foods. At their Selby site, they handle some 550 different products, packing around six different products a day on 10 lines. With high-speeds and volumes demanding 24/7 operation on some lines, correct coding, quality label printing and totally consistent label reading are essential. Mislabelled goods is an area of zero tolerance.

The site previously had two separate, stand alone systems for checking the right label went with the right jar and for the outer case. In looking for a solution to provide complete traceability and consistent validation of label, packing and product, they consulted Logopak about the use of automated labelling systems that would self-check.

Based on the consistently high performance of existing SICK barcode readers on the packing line, Logopak developed a solution which integrated print and apply units with the barcode scanning of labels. The scanned data is output to PCs for real time validation of labels on the line.

“With SICK we believe we have developed the world’s first in-line barcode validator to check every single barcode, allowing automated in-line rejection,” says Howard Jagger, Sales Director at Logopak. “This uses Logopak’s i-Validate software which sits between the production line and the host SAP system.”

“So far, in 24 months of operation, the system has had no customer returns. From our point of view, that means we can be satisfied that our client has achieved their aims and are getting good value from their investment.”

To meet the demands of 24 hour production, seven packing lines have been fitted in total, two of which run 24/7. On continuous packing lines, tandem labellers are operating, which allows continuity when one labeller is halted for replenishment or maintenance.

The site manager concludes: “We wanted to take our operations at Selby to a new level of automated control and integration and incorporate the latest industry best practice that provides a high level of trust for our customers.
“With the Logopak and SICK solution, we can be confident that the labelling system is supporting the best possible customer relationships by eliminating the possibility of product withdrawals and ensuring that we don’t have any mislabelling of packs.”

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