Inventors and Innovators of Print & Apply Labelling.

Print and Apply labelling solutions.

Logopak are market leaders in print and apply labelling. We build robust barcode labelling systems. We are uncompromising on quality. Our machines combine ease of operation with low cost of ownership.

Quality German EngineeringMadeinGermany

Our machines are made in Germany using precision engineering techniques, giving unbeatable performance and reliability. We design and build our own labelling machinery. We offer a wide range of applicators to suit any operation.

Barcode ExpertsGS1 Solution Provider

Logopak are GS1 Accredited Solution providers. Our barcode experts will guide you through the often-misunderstood processes of barcode validation and barcode verification – our systems can automatically perform both of these essential checks. Our customers experience peace of mind that they never release poor quality barcodes into the supply chain.

Innovators Automatic Barcode verify

We are the first company to introduce an integrated ISO compliant barcode verifier into our systems. A large number of businesses still rely on scanning alone to check their pallet and case labels for quality.  Find out about  Vericoder, and whether your existing scanner is really checking for 100% barcode legibility to ISO standards.

Outstanding Service PPMA Award

We have 10 engineers strategically positioned across the UK, with a combined 70 years of experience between them. We have won awards for our customer service delivery.

Updated Pallet Labeller Range

Logopaks new pallet labeller range has options which allow labels to be applied to 2 sides of the pallet in a single stop on the line. Find out more here.

850 pallet labeller

The Logopak 850 Pallet Labeller









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Andrew James UK Ltd started using Logopak in 2012. We run three Logopak 515 printers and one 410 printer. We have found Logopak products to be very reliable and durable, and their service team is excellent, answering any queries quickly, effectively and professionally. We couldn’t recommend them highly enough.

Project Manager, Andrew James UK Ltd

Over the past couple of years Logopak have worked with GeoPost UK in providing print and apply solutions to some of our major clients. On occasions the timescales to deliver the solution to our customers requirements have been aggressive but quality has never been compromised.

Logopak offer flexible and reliable solutions, the team are extremely knowledgeable in print and apply solutions. We have always found them extremely helpful.

Technical Support Manager , DPD Ltd

We had a requirement to source our label data from a JDE SQL Server database rather than rely on manual entry. We created a view of the required label data for all of our products and presented it as a read only System DSN in ODBC. Our operators now only have to enter an item number and Logopak's Syncro software seamlessly picks this up and uses it to populate the entire label without any problem. To date we have had no issues with the Syncro/ODBC connection, it just works perfectly, every time.

IT Dept, Magners

Integration of the Logopak printers with our SAP system was easy and the resulting interfaces require little in the way of ongoing support and are completely re-usable with the purchase and installation of any new Logopak printers.

IT Dept, Robert McBride

I have been working with Logopak for a number of years. First as a direct end user in the office supplier business and more recently as integrator of their equipment into a number of different industries such as pharmaceutical and retail. The one thing that has always impressed is the equipment reliability and innovation they have shown in solving non-standard requirements. I have now done over 10 warehouses with them from Helsinki to Melbourne and they have never let me down. The quality they provide both from the equipment and service point of view is second to none.

Project Manager, SSI Schäfer

Over many years I’ve implemented several systems using Logopak print and apply equipment. Their kit isn’t the cheapest by any means, but in my experience certainly the best value due to industry knowledge, high reliability, great customer service, and ultimately lower cost of ownership. I believe their high reliability is achieved because they develop the whole machine themselves. On occasion I have had to use alternatives ( due to customer preference ), but have never been very satisfied.

System Integration Manager, TGW Northern Europe