The first integrated GS1 certified barcode verifier to ISO/IEC 15426-1 standard.

Retailers, manufacturers and distributors demand barcode label legibility at every point in the supply chain. Barcode verification is an essential part of QA to ensure this legibility.

Manual Checks vs. Automatic Verification

Before the launch of Logopak’s Vericoder, the most commonplace method of checking barcode quality on print and apply labels was through manual offline checks. QA departments would typically use a manual barcode verifier such as Axicon’s 7000 series at regular intervals to test the quality of label barcodes.

This method is not only time consuming, it also only checks intermittent samples. In a  worst case scenario,  a print failure could occur between samples, resulting in hours of faulty barcoding which would then require reworking. If faulty barcodes slip through, there is a risk of a financial penalty from retailers.

Every label is automatically checked as it is applied.

With Logopak’s Vericoder, these checks can now be carried out automatically to ISO or ANSI standard, removing the need for calibration, controlled lighting conditions and manual intervention. The Vericoder replaces scientific instruments with an industrial-quality unit using technology licensed from verification experts Axicon. Typically, the Vericoder takes 25 scans per barcode – 15 more than the minimum 10 scans  defined by the standards.  These 25 scans are used to give a true average grade of the entire barcode.

Vericoder has been certified by GS1, the global barcode standards organisation.

Vericoder provides full evaluation of the barcode characteristics as defined by ISO/IEC 15426-1. It reads the black and white bars but then goes on to evaluate characteristics such as nominal/actual print contrast signal, light and dark reference, ratio and magnification variation, check-sum analysis and metric deviations. From all this a quality grading is given, as well as diagnostic data for remedial action should a barcode fail to meet the minimum standard set.

Vericoder results are displayed on the control terminal’s touch screen. After grading, the ISO and ANSI result is shown next to the number of labels produced in the current batch. The current label grade is then added to the rolling graph detailing the ISO grade of the last 15 barcodes. Additionally, the display contains a table detailing the average ISO grade / number of labels produced for the last seven days.

As the Vericoder is a fully integrated part of the print and apply system, the labeller can be configured to allow a preset minimum quality grade before signalling alarms either audiovisual or direct to line PLC’s.

The ability to ensure 100% barcode quality through every step of the supply chain will help address a thorny logistics issue, and offers a considerable advantage over manual checks. Furthermore, because the system checks every label, manufacturers can avoid the risk of substantial penalty fines from retailers.

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