Ship Note Bagging


Our ship note bagging solution was developed in response to a requirement by a large mail order retailer.

Small items are dispatched in a flexible lightweight bag which had to contain both the product and ship note, without any manual intervention. A standard shipping label was applied to the exterior of the bag.

The Process

The line involves a high-speed 2-tier conveyor system. The purchased item is placed on a conveyor which then travels up onto a raised track, which is joined by another conveyor beneath it. Logopak designed a solution using 2 high-speed industrial laser printers which work in tandem to print up to 18 documents a minute. The ship notes are placed onto the moving conveyor with a special ‘pick and place’ applicator which is accurate up to within 2mm. The 2 conveyors then merge so that the product is sitting on top of the ship note. A Logopak 515T print and apply labelling machine then prints a standard shipping label which is applied to the bag. The product enters the bagging machine and both items are bagged together, ready to enter the distribution system.

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