All Logopak pallet labellers are available with steel enclosures and integrated barcode verification and validation. 800Series A5 labels up to 3 sides The 800 is our standard pallet labeller with 2 or 3 applications per pallet to comply with GS1 standards. With digi-drive technology and an 800m label roll, the 800 is ideal for lines where maximum productivity is critical. 900 Series A4 labels up to 3 sides The Logopak 900 pallet labeller is a fully customisable special high speed machine, capable of 120 pallets per hour with a 1200m label roll. Two applications on two sides can be achieved with a single conveyor stop. Additional DK functionality provides a twin arm system to increase the labelling speed to over 240pph. 200 Series Offline Printer The 200 series are heavy-duty offline printers that are compatible with the rest of the Logopak range. The 200 can produce a label that can be applied by hand for any pallets requiring manual intervention, such as part-pallets or rework. The latest addition to the series, the 230 is capable of producing A3 labels, making it particularly useful in the paper industry. LOGOPAK Experts in Print and Apply RFID technology