Pallet labelling Logopak can provide a solution for any pallet labelling requirement. Global standard barcode labels are applied to facilitate the handling and tracking of an item. Designed for continuous operation, our machines cater for labels up to size A4. Labels can be applied on up to 3 sides of the pallet to ensure visibility when the pallet is stored in racking. All labels are applied in real-time and contain a mandatory SSCC (serial shipping container code) barcode. x x>50mm h400mm x The top section of the label contains the free format information. The middle section contains text information and human readable interpretations of the bar codes. The bottom section includes the bar codes and their associated interpretaion. SSCC must be the last. (02) 15012345678907 (17) 140308(37) 110 033-08 (00) 050123450001234563 (10) 1234AB Logopak pallet labellers have a one-stop option to apply labels to 2 sides in a single stop.