About Logopak Logopak was founded in 1978 by English entrepreneur Chris Hastings-Long. Germany’s reputation for quality precision engineering and technology led him to seek out a location there to base his manufacturing operation. Logopak machines are still produced in Hartenholm near Hamburg, and quality remains the driving force behind production. This blend of German engineering and English entrepreneurial spirit gives Logopak it’s unique character, which is evident at the German head office where a Royal Mail pillar box and BT phone box flank the entrance. The quality of engineering at Logopak is uncompromising, and each machine is extensively tested and quality checked throughout the manufacturing process. Our machines last more than ten years in full production, representing excellent low cost of ownership. The company now employs over 250 people, and supplies machines all over the world. Logopak International UK The UK head office in York has been established since 1989 and provides sales and service to the UK and Ireland. All elements of the service are carried out in-house, including training, customer call centre, consumable sales, service engineers, software developers and spare parts. LOGOPAK Experts in Print and Apply