Software Powerful, flexible, scaleable. Logopak are leaders in the development of PC-based industrial software solutions, and they form an integral part of our complete solution. Synchro is the core component of the Logopak software suite. Its role is to co-ordinate the print and apply process with a highly adaptable and flexible set of interfaces. It is capable of communicating with multiple Logopak printers, barcode scanners, PLC’s and MS-SQL Server databases. Data for label generation can be supplied via configurable ASCII interfaces, directly from SQL databases, or input manually if preferred. The clean user interface provides a simple overview of all your active communications. Data recall can be achieved via the following methods: • Handheld or fixed line barcode reader • Manual recall via labeller touch-screen, or PC screen • ID strings from a ‘look-up’ pallet scanner or PLC Additional software modules provide a barcode validation suite, and tools to query data, produce reports, and ensure consistency in product identification. These modules work together giving a suite of products essential for the production environment, preventing barcode issues from escalating into costly fines and returned product, and allowing traceability throughout the distribution network. Pre wrapper SKU scanning SSCC Pallet labelling Multiple production lines Manual product recall Automatic product recall Upload of production declaration Download of production schedule PLC Tracking Synchro Warehouse Management System (WMS)