Barcode verification is essential to ensure barcode labels are legible at every point in the supply chain. Traditionally, manual checks were implemented to check quality at regular intervals. With the Logopak Vericoder these checks are carried out automatically to ISO or ANSI standards as part of the labelling process. Every label is automatically checked as it is applied. The Vericoder replaces scientific instruments with an industrial-quality unit using technology licensed from verification experts Axicon. Removing the need for calibration, controlled lighting conditions and manual intervention, the system checks every label, ensuring 100% quality, thus avoiding the risk of substantial penalty fines from retailers. Vericoder provides full evaluation of the barcode characteristics to ANSI/ISO Standards and as defined by GS1. It carries out multiple reads of the barcode, and then evaluates characteristics such as nominal/actual print contrast signal, min and max reflectance ratio, magnification variation, check-sum analysis and metric deviations. From all this information a quality grading is given in either ANSI or ISO format, as well as diagnostic data for remedial action should a barcode fail to meet the minimum standard set. Vericoder ISO/IEC 15426-1 Standard Verification Vericoder controller showing real-time display of label quality. Vericoder LOGOPAK Experts in Print and Apply