www.logopak.co.uk This Co-op system is an example of the bespoke system design in which Logopak excels. Instead of a traditional pallet label, the Co-op needed a card that could be inserted into the re-usable transit crates they use to transport product to their stores. Logopak developed a solution where information which typically would be printed on a label, (barcode, transit and store information) was printed on a card, which was then guillotined and inserted into a slot on the side of the re-useable crate. When the crates are returned, they go to the picking area to be refilled and labelled, however some crates were being returned with old cards still in place. Because this area of the operation is totally automated, another checking process was needed to assess whether the card slot was empty prior to entering the ‘pick face’. Logopak developed an addition to the line which includes a scanner to check if the card slot is empty when the crates are returned to the line. If the scanner detects a barcode is present, an automated arm removes the card before the crate continues along the line to the picking area to be filled, and a new card inserted. Bespoke systems Our development team in Germany love a challenge. However complicated or difficult the situation, using advanced bespoke engineering they will develop a solution. Case study Returnable transit crate with card inserted Card insertion Card removal