How do you ensure your labels are not lost, wasted or wrinkled?

7 March 2018 Posted in Machines

Quality consumables are essential to create a quality, legible and GS1 compliant label which ensure your goods transit happily through national distribution networks.

But how do you ensure your labels don’t get lost, wasted, wrinkled or jammed during the application process?

Steve Hancock, Logopak Sales Manager, talks us through how to avoid these sticky problems.

Lost Labels.

A quality Validation Scanner is your weapon against lost labels. They ensure that every pack has a legible barcode label, and that it matches the product.

These scanners are placed on the production line to read label information. The contents of the barcode is transmitted from each scanner to a control software such as Logopak’s Ivalidate. This software then compares the barcode data with the production data downloaded from the factories manufacturing information system. Links to the conveyor PLC will stop the line in the event of a missing barcode. Dotshift print-head technology can also help by maximising the life of the print-head which gives quality readability for longer.

Choose a quality barcode reader such as Erwin Sick’s CLV410.

Wasted Labels.

Waste = Cost, and no-one likes that. On Logopak machines, there is no label loop of printed labels because the label is printed in real-time, on demand. This means there is no wastage of labels in terms of the integrity of the data printed, and the SKU can be changed within one label.

Wrinkled Labels.

Wrinkled labels look bad, are difficult to read and are more likely to snag and tear in transit. Wrinkles are caused by the label applicator pad being in contact with the pack whilst the pack is moving past at speed. Wrinkles can be avoided by using a blow-on applicator such as the Logopak TB applicator. The label is blown the last few mm for a high-speed, high accuracy application to within +/- 1 mm.

Find out more about Logopak consumables here.

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